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Your B2B advertising agency: 20 years of experience for your industrial brand

We are setting standards in B2B advertising.

Our B2B advertising agency did not just happen to come about, but was built on our very own passion. For more than 20 years, our agency’s CEO and founder Volker Weitkamp, who also lent his name to weitkamp marketing, has known the B2B market inside out. Established in 2017, weitkamp marketing is on paper at least a relatively young company. However, weitkamp marketing has brought together industrial insiders who support B2B companies in their branding and communication endeavours with enthusiasm and knowledge in equal measure.

B2B advertising: Much more than a fad

In the B2C sector, advertising has long since become an integral part of everyday life. The sense of mission experienced by B2B companies, on the other hand, has only recently started to grow. Here, a crucial factor is the visibility of the competition: If competitor B can be found online with just one click, B2B company A is required to act to keep up.

Paralleling the companies’ willingness to advertise, the demand for specialized B2B communication services has been on the increase: It is no longer just a small niche of the advertising market in which B2B advertising agencies have taken up residence. However, they differ enormously in the quality and degree of specialisation they offer.  
As a B2B entrepreneur, the most important criterion in choosing your advertising agency might be the ability to communicate on an equal level. This, though, can only succeed if the agency concerned combines industrial knowledge with advertising expertise.  

B2B advertising agency: Powered by B2B experts for B2B experts

Nearly 100 years of B2B experience – this is the impressive sum of all our team members’ industry expertise. At the same time, we always keep an eye on all market developments. This means that we are perfectly prepared for strengthening your position on a diversified and highly complex market.

Know your brand in the best hands with us as we have specialized solely on consulting and supporting services for B2B companies in the fields of communication and branding. As a provider of integrated service solutions for industrial businesses, we cover the entire spectrum of a modern full service advertising agency. We offer you a portfolio of services which is based on our experience and is tailored to the increasing complexity of the B2B market.

B2B advertising agency with a focus

Even though we provide you with a comprehensive full service, we still do not take on any job for any client. Much rather, we position ourselves clearly by catering for a distinct target group only and supplying specialized services. We limit ourselves to addressing clients from the fields of B2B, industry, and technology. Key figures in our range of services are strategic consulting and brand management.

This precise focus sharpens our vision of the section of the advertising market we deal with. For you, this means that you get pure and unadulterated B2B brand communication, made by experts for experts from industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, the metal industry, the automotive industry, and the chemical industry. May we say: Just what you expect from your B2B advertising agency.

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